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The best Cluster to develop you

We integrate, group and organize our partners of the sectorial Cluster of information technologies, electronics, robotics and communications; In addition to promoting and encouraging the development and use of high technology, as well as sponsoring scientific, technological, cultural and industrial development, such as everything useful or necessary for the industry and commercialization of computer equipment, robotics, development software, automation systems, embedded systems, artificial intelligence and the like or similar.

Your technology ally to grow and improve

Tailor-made service

We offer you immediate support for the needs you require.

Immediate support

We guarantee an immediate response to support your projects and services with high quality.

Research projects

We develop your new launches from research to having the finished product, ready to be marketed, with a registered trademark and national and international intellectual property registry.

My Robotica Academy

We provide training and skills development for your staff tailored to your needs.

Complete project solutions

We develop the complete solution for your projects with special turnkey solutions for your comfort and peace of mind, backed by a great professional team.

We get you offices

If you are a foreign or foreign company and you want to get a new office to operate in the west of the country, we are your best support to find it, including permits and licenses.


We offer the best options

We have the best National relationship to do business and find the perfect place for your business or company.

• Administrative Office

• Up to complete ships

Be part of Clúster de Robótica México

Enjoy the benefits of belonging to an organization with national and international business relationships, which ensures the success and sale of your new products to achieve your goals with the peace of mind of the support of a great team.

• Advisors

• Couching